Friday, June 28, 2013

Fun FAQ's Friday

Happy Friday everybody! I hope you all had as busy and great week as I did.

I've decided to do some ABC facts so you guys can get to know me a little better, and let's face it-I like to talk about myself. So here it goes:

Age- 18, but 19 in September
Breakfast- I made protein pancakes (a banana, an egg and a scoop of protein powder)
Dream Job- A physical therapist with an elite XC Ski team
Essential Items- Running shoes, spinach, my computer and hair ties
Food- fruit salad or eggplant parm (depending on the mood)
Gold or Silver- I prefer pearls, but I guess silver
Height- about 5'5" give or take
Ice Cream Flavor- piece of cake, peppermint or chocolate moose tracks!
Job- hospital dining, and physical therapy aide
Kids- baby-sit them- yes, have them- not for a very long time
Least favorite chore- stacking wood
Movie- well I really want to see Monsters University...
Nicknames- Liz, Lizzy, Lizzilu, Lizard, Chatterbox, Radio
Overnight Hospital Stay- nope!
Pop- I don't drink soda, but my dad is pretty cool!
Quote- "Reach for the moon, even if you miss you'll land among the stars"
Righty or Lefty- Lefty
Siblings- Older bro
Time you wake up- tomorrow...5:30 :/ Normally 7-7:30
Under your Bed- container of workout clothes
Veggie- Kale! Spinach! Sweet Potatoes! Broccoli! and the list goes on...
Where are you- VT, my bed
X-Rays- never
Yummy food I make- my carrot cake is to die for, and stir drys
Zoo Animal- sloth!

What are some fun facts about you guys? Questions for me-ask away

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