Monday, June 17, 2013

Mother/Daughter Time

As I'm home from college, I realize it's important to spend time with my family because while I'm away they really miss me, especially my parents. That's why yesterday I invited my mom to hike Mt Mansfield with me, the tallest mountain in Vermont. Why she didn't decide to tell me she's petrified of heights until we were halfway up the mountains I'm not sure. But nonetheless we made it to the summit, and not in bad time either.

We did face a few struggles along the way though. First of all my mom got pretty scared when we had to climb up steep, open rock with nothing to hold on to. I wasn't quite sure she would make it. Then, right about when we broke tree-line it started to rain. By the time we reached the summit we were soaked, despite our "rain coats" and the wind picked up, making it almost unbearable. We snapped a few photos and then started our way down, largely above tree-line and freezing cold needless to say. Four hours after we embarked we were back at our car, eager to get some dry clothes on and head home to a nice cup of tea. We found a place to get coffee and a snack (pistachios!) on the way home, so comforting!

Mommy made it!
Mother/Daughter love

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