Thursday, September 27, 2012


All done with classes for the day (to be honest I only had an hour) and another two hours before my run. I should be working on homework but this is much more entertaining. My problem today is I don't have very much energy, as was yesterday. I have to admit I looked at that cookie at lunch time, heavily considering it, but then turned it down. I'm still going strong on my one desert goal. I just had a snack of strawberry yogurt. It worries me though that I'm not sure if it was low fat and it probably had a lot of sugar in it. I need to make a trip to Wegman's soon and get some more to fill my fridge up with. I'm going to be at a meeting late tonight (yay skiing!) so I have to go to late night for dinner, pasta night. I know there will be Alfredo sauce there but I'm going to pass it up. Also, I'm only going to have a small amount of pasta and then hit up the salad bar. Then probably off to the library and to bed early tonight for 8am classes tomorrow. I just remembered that Apple Fest is this weekend. I'm going to have to stay strong not to have desert there. I'm sure I'll be able to find something healthy, maybe a soup or something.

I've noticed an overall change in cravings. Right now I'm craving a nice spinach salad with chickpeas, tofu, red peppers and balsamic vinaigrette. I also crave fruit salad and bananas. I was a healthy eater before but I tended to crave pretzels/crackers and chocolate since we had them in the house and I was able to eat them. Now at college I really don't. I've been eating a lot of tofu stir-fry. When all else fails I get a salad, pita and hummus or sometimes a veggie sandwich on oat nut bread or a whole wheat wrap. On the mornings I eat at the dining hall I go for oatmeal or cheerioes and fruit salad. In my room I usually have greek yogurt (plain) with some raw honey or my mom's homemade jam. I ran out of that though :( So tomorrow might be oatmeal if I'm up early enough to make it or a piece of fruit and special k fruit crisps (only 100 Calories!).

What's on tap for me?!
-one hour run tonight
-an hour at the gym tomorrow
-spinach salad lunch tomorrow

Well I would love to keep writing but if I'm going to get a good night sleep I better get started on my homework.

Fit girl, over and out

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