Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Back At It

Hey Guys!

I hope the beginning of your September is going great! I've been so busy getting back into the swing of things at school but I couldn't be happier. The days go by so fast now that I'm so busy and classes are really interesting this year!

Lately the morning weather has been a little chilly, making me dream about fall. All I can think about is apple picking(and I'm going this weekend!) and eating everything pumpkin. I'm craving pumpkin yogurt, pumpkin oatmeal, my mom's famous pumpkin cookies, pretty much anything with pumpkin in the name. I may have to take a bus ride to Wegmans to buy some pumpkin puree this weekend!

Other than craving pumpkin, my life has been crazy. I have hours of classes and even more time spent working on homework, gym time, frisbee practice, and of course time to socialize. Being so busy all the time, on top of several hours of exercise every day has left me feeling incredibly sore, and a possible strained hamstring. So, this morning I got myself up and out of bed at 6:15(WHOOO!) and went to take a yoga class at the fitness center. Now normally I have a love/hate relationship with yoga (I like to say it hurts so good) but today I absolutely loved it. We started out with a sequence I had never done before and I liked it better. Of course we did sun salutations, but I even enjoyed those! I felt so relaxed after that I have decided I'm going to take the class every week.

Are you guys fans of yoga? What are exercises you have love/hate relationships with?

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